Permanent Members

Claudia D’Ambrosio: Permanent Researcher
  • DR CNRS, Professeur chargé de cours à l’X
  • Holder of the chair integrated urban mobility
  • Topics: mathematical optimisation, mixed integer non linear programming, applications in energy systems and transportation
    • Website:’Ambrosio


Michel Fliess   Permanent Researcher

  • DR CNRS emeritus
    • Topics: control engineering, time series, signal processing
    • Website:


Leo Liberti: Permanent researcher


Evelyne Rayssac: Administrative assistants

  • Website:

Fabio Roda: Research engineer – Technology transfer officer SR2PI X

Sonia Vanier: Permanent researcher

  • Topics: combinatorial optimization, mathematical programming, Mixed-integer linear programming, Networks optimization.
  • Website:

Postdoctoral Researchers


Edouard Civel: Postdoctoral Researcher (Uber Chair)

  • Topics: environmental and energy economics, energy efficiency, carbon markets, low-carbon innovation, behavioral economics
  • Website:

Mercedes Pelegrin: Postdoctoral Researcher (Uber Chair)

    • Topics: combinatorial optimization, discrete location, set packing, air traffic management
    • website:

Renan Spencer: Postdoctoral Researcher (Uber Chair)

Romain Wallon: Postdoctoral Researcher (Uber Chair)

  • Topics: satisfiability solving, pseudo-Boolean reasoning and optimization, knowledge compilation, speculative programming
  • website:

PhD Students


Nabil Boukhatem: PhD-Researcher

  • Topics: Natural Langage processing, machine learning.
  • Website:



Martina Cerulli: PhD Marie Curie ITN MINOA

    • Topics: bilevel programming, semidefinite programming, aircraft deconfliction problem, ACOPF.
    • Website:

Maxime Dupuy: PhD-Researcher

  • Topics: Multi-objective optimization, shortest path algorithms, meteorology and oceanography.
  • Website:

Gabriele Iommazo: joint PhD l’X and Università di Pisa

Liding Xu: PhD-Researcher


Antoine Oustry: PhD-Researcher

  • Topics: alternating current optimal power flow, polynomial optimization, semidefinite programming, linear semi-infinite programming.
  • Website:

Former Team Members

Mauro Escobar: Postdoctoral Researcher

Sammy Khalife: Postoctoral Researcher

  • Topics: machine Learning, combinatorial optimisation, graph algorithms, computational biology, artificial intelligence
  • Website:

Emiliano Traversi: Researcher

  •  Associate Professor at LIPN, délégation CNRS at Lix
    • Website: